Jeremy Corbyn

14.09.2015 Fiammetta Venner

Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of the Labour Party. His links with Muslim Brotherhood and political islamists are ancient and recurrent. He may never be elected prime minister but as leader of the opposition, he can still appoint people to parliamentary committees and is privy to some intelligence briefings. The Brotherhood will definitely benefit.

• Jeremy Corbyn travelled to Tehran at the expense of Ardeshir Naghshineh a British-Iranian multi-millionaire who has employed a number of other British parliamentarians as consultants to build business links with the country. *

• In february 2013 , Jeremy Corbyn  and his wife travelled to Gaza thanks to a funding from Interpal, a British charity considered by the US government as “part of the funding network of Hamas” and as a terrorist organisation.

•  Jeremy Corbyn was due to speak at a conference organised by Middle East Monitor (MEMO) in august 2015. MEMO’s director, Daud Abdullah, is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked British Muslim Initiative, set up and run by the Brotherhood activist Anas al-Tikriti and two senior figures in Hamas. Jeremy Corbyn finally cancelled the meeting after press scandal. MEMO’s “senior editor”, Ibrahim Hewitt, believes that adulterers should be stoned to death, is chairman of Interpal, the Hamas-linked charity.

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• Jeremy Corbyn and sponsored the visit to Britain of Sheikh Raed Saleh, who spread the classic “blood libel” against Jews, the claim that they use the blood of gentile children to make their bread. Mr Saleh, who also describes Jews as “monkeys” and “bacteria,” claims that 9/11 was a Jewish plot and that the Jews employed at the World Trade Center were warned not to come into work that day. Jeremy Corbyn explained that Sheikh Raed Saleh was “a very honoured citizen who represents his people extremely well”

•  In November 2012, Mr Corbyn hosted a meeting in Parliament with Mousa Abu Maria, a member of the banned terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

• In his parliamentary constituency of Islington, Corbyn hosts meetings at the Finsbury Park Mosque. One of the mosque’s trustees is Muhammad Sawalha, a fugitive Hamas commander. According to BBC reports, Sawalha is “said to have masterminded much of Hamas’s political and military strategy” from London.

He receives his constituents in the mosque. When HSBC shuts accounts of Muslim organisations, including Finsbury Park mosque, Jeremy Corbyn described the mosque as : “wonderful community asset”*. Not only Jeremy Corbyn receives his constituents in the Mosque but he also speaks in it*.

• Jeremy Corbyn wrote a letter defending Stephen Sizer, the vicar disciplined by the Church of England for linking to an article on social media entitled 9/11: Israel Did It.

• He spoke at an event commemorating Iranian revolution*. The event was run by Iranian regime groups.

• Presented a call-in programme on Press TV, a propaganda channel of the Iranian government which was banned by Ofcom and which regularly hosts Holocaust deniers.

• Accused of donating money to self-proclaimed Holocaust denier Paul Eisen. Jeremy Corbyn’s office explained the they had had no contact with Eisen and that Corbyn disassociated himself from his extreme views. But photos remained.

• Jeremy Corbyn wrote a letter to explain that Cage was a honorable organisation. An organisation who supports victims of antiterrorism.

• Last but not least, Jeremy Corbyn considers Russia Today as the most objective media on international affairs.

This post is also available in Français .

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