Hassan Al-Banna on Democracy and Communism

05.04.2016 La rédaction

“It is our duty to declare Islam (…) against their democracy, which is tantamount to anarchy and libertinism, and against their communism which is equivalent to atheism and international despotism.”

“The Arab nations stand between colonialists’ desires and communists’ ambitions”, Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin, Cairo, No. 146, 1946, p 1.

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Jeremy Corbyn

14.09.2015 Fiammetta Venner

Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of the Labour Party. His links with Muslim Brotherhood and political islamists are ancient and recurrent. He may never be elected prime minister but as leader of the opposition, he can still appoint people to parliamentary committees and is privy to some intelligence briefings. The Brotherhood will definitely benefit.

• Jeremy Corbyn travelled to Tehran at the expense of Ardeshir Naghshineh a British-Iranian multi-millionaire who has employed a number of other British parliamentarians as consultants to build business links with the country. *

• In february 2013 , Jeremy Corbyn  and his wife travelled to Gaza thanks to a funding from Interpal, a British charity considered by the US government as “part of the funding network of Hamas” and as a terrorist organisation.

•  Jeremy Corbyn was due to speak at a conference organised by Middle East Monitor (MEMO) in august 2015. MEMO’s director, Daud Abdullah, is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked British Muslim Initiative, set up and run by the Brotherhood activist Anas al-Tikriti and two senior figures in Hamas. Jeremy Corbyn finally cancelled the meeting after press scandal. MEMO’s “senior editor”, Ibrahim Hewitt, believes that adulterers should be stoned to death, is chairman of Interpal, the Hamas-linked charity.

Capture decran 2015-09-14 à 11.32.20

• Jeremy Corbyn and sponsored the visit to Britain of Sheikh Raed Saleh, who spread the classic “blood libel” against Jews, the claim that they use the blood of gentile children to make their bread. Mr Saleh, who also describes Jews as “monkeys” and “bacteria,” claims that 9/11 was a Jewish plot and that the Jews employed at the World Trade Center were warned not to come into work that day. Jeremy Corbyn explained that Sheikh Raed Saleh was “a very honoured citizen who represents his people extremely well”

•  In November 2012, Mr Corbyn hosted a meeting in Parliament with Mousa Abu Maria, a member of the banned terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

• In his parliamentary constituency of Islington, Corbyn hosts meetings at the Finsbury Park Mosque. One of the mosque’s trustees is Muhammad Sawalha, a fugitive Hamas commander. According to BBC reports, Sawalha is “said to have masterminded much of Hamas’s political and military strategy” from London.

He receives his constituents in the mosque. When HSBC shuts accounts of Muslim organisations, including Finsbury Park mosque, Jeremy Corbyn described the mosque as : “wonderful community asset”*. Not only Jeremy Corbyn receives his constituents in the Mosque but he also speaks in it*.

• Jeremy Corbyn wrote a letter defending Stephen Sizer, the vicar disciplined by the Church of England for linking to an article on social media entitled 9/11: Israel Did It.

• He spoke at an event commemorating Iranian revolution*. The event was run by Iranian regime groups.

• Presented a call-in programme on Press TV, a propaganda channel of the Iranian government which was banned by Ofcom and which regularly hosts Holocaust deniers.

• Accused of donating money to self-proclaimed Holocaust denier Paul Eisen. Jeremy Corbyn’s office explained the they had had no contact with Eisen and that Corbyn disassociated himself from his extreme views. But photos remained.

• Jeremy Corbyn wrote a letter to explain that Cage was a honorable organisation. An organisation who supports victims of antiterrorism.

• Last but not least, Jeremy Corbyn considers Russia Today as the most objective media on international affairs.

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Dalia Mogahed

07.09.2015 Fiammetta Venner

Dalia Mogahed is currently Executive Director, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. She was born in Egypt, raised in the US and graduated from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Pittsburgh. Her major was Chemical Engineering. In 2009, she was appointed by Barack Obama to the White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Capture decran 2015-09-07 à 08.55.45

In this role, Mogahed joined other American leaders in offering recommendations to the U.S. president on how faith-based organizations can best work with government to solve society’s toughest challenges. Mogahed was invited to testify before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on U.S. engagement with Muslim communities, and serves on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. She also joined Madeleine Albright and Dennis Ross as a leading voice in the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project. This small group of American leaders, which included senior government, military, and business decision makers, produced a consensus report with key policy recommendations on improving America’s relationship with Muslims globally, many of which were later adopted by the Obama Administration. She is the first veiled woman to serve in the White House.

Mogahed also serves on the boards of Freedom House, Women in International Security, Soliya, and she is a non-resident fellow at Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy at the American University of Beirut. Arabian Business magazine recognized her as themost influential Arab woman in the world, and The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre included Mogahed in their list of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world. She was also awarded the Arab World’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year award by Ashoka.

In her role as a Gallup scientist, Mogahed is a frequent expert commentator in global media outlets and international forums. Her analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy magazine, the Harvard International Review, and many other academic and popular journals. Her audiences have included heads of state, parliamentarians from around the world, and religious leaders from every faith.

Dalia Mogahed network is quite important. On her consulting website she listed the organisations with whom she worked with.

  • AT Kearny
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Brookings
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • The Chautauqua Institution
  • The Elliot School For International Affairs at George Washington University
  • National Defense University
  • The Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan
  • Soliya
  • The UN Alliance of Civilizations
  • The UN Foundation
  • The United States Department of State
  • The United States Institute for Peace
  • The World Economic Forum

Her father Elsayed Mogahed was the director of the Islamic Center of Madison next to the University of Wisconsin Campus.

She writes on regular basis fan comments on Yusuf Qaradawi website. Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the MB is actually on Interpol wanted list. The website IslamOnline.net describes her as a « success story in USA ». In an interview in this website, she says that there is actually no relation between Islam and terrorism : « Many have claimed that terrorists have ‘hijacked Islam’. I disagree. I think Islam is safe and thriving in the lives of Muslims around the world ».

In the US she harshly defended the MB linked organisations :  Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

She was a speaker for all these organizations (close to Muslim brothers) :

  • Islamic Circle of North America, ICNA, (2015)
  • Muslim American Society, MAS, (2016)
  • Islamic Society of North America – Muslim Student Association, ISNA-MSA (2016 with Tariq Ramadan)
  • Muslim Public Affairs Council, MPAC, (2016)

In an interview with Al-Arabiya Channel, Dalia Mogahed says “My work focuses on studying Muslims, the way they think and their views”. She is not afraid of creating a « muslim community », where all muslims would be the same, with the ideas she wants them to believe in, with all the same stereotypes. Al-Arabiya also reveals that she wants to reduce the number of abortions.

With John L. Esposito, a long time MB friend, she co-authored in 2007 the groundbreaking book Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think. One of her principal work Mogahed was to explain that most Muslims worldwide support democracy and freedom of speech and rarely (7%) supports political radicalism. She also explains that Sharia is « a [moral] compass reflecting principles valid in any era, which cannot be changed » while Islamic law, jurisprudence, is « a map that must conform to this compass ».

In various occasions Dalia Mogahed explained that Muslim Brotherhood was a peaceful alternative to jihadists. On Sept 2008 at the Religion Newswriters Association’s annual conference in Washington, she explained  that “‘Islamic terrorism is really a contradiction in terms because terrorism is not Islamic by definition.”

In October 2009, she was invited to the annual dinner of CAIR (blamed by the FBI because suspected of links with Hamas, and classified terrorist in the United Arab Emirates). She seems to have canceled her participation when it was announced that she would share her dinner with Imam Siraj Wahhaj, a former supporter of Nation Of Islam, a Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman’s supporter, a stoning suporter, who considers “Allah as superior to democracy “, and who is quoted as” unindicted co-conspirator “in the attack of the World Trade Center in 2003. However, she participated in CAIR’s annual dinner in 2015 and is announced to the one of December 17, 2016. CAIR publishes complimentary articles on Dalia Mogahed on its website, and does not hesitate to congratulate her on her role with President Obama.

In the end of October 2009, she gives an interview to the English channel Muslima Dilemna, which belongs to the political party Hizb ut-Tahrir (or party of the Islamic liberation). This party militates openly for the establishment of a global Caliphate governed by the Sharia. In the face of two Hizb ut-Tahrir activists who defend Shari’a as a source of legislation and say that the woman should not have a leadership position, she does not give any contradiction, and says: “I think the reason so many women support Sharia is because they have a very different understanding of sharia than the common perception in Western media. The majority of women around the world associate gender justice, or justice for women, with sharia compliance. The portrayal of Sharia has been oversimplified in many cases ”. Dalia Mogahed takes the opportunity to say to her interlocutors that her role is “to convey… to the President and other public officials what it is Muslims want.” 

Dalia Mogahed attended Doha, Feb. 2010 7th U.S.-Islamic World Conference a meeting with most of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Such as Anas Al-Tikriti; Malaysian Islamic opposition leader and board member of the U.S. International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), Anwar Ibrahim; member of the European Council for Fatwa andResearch Abdallah Bin Bayyah; U.K. MB leader  Kamal El-Helbawi(banned from the U.S.); ISNA leader Mohamed Magid and Yahya Hendi of the Fiqh Council of North America.Dalia Mogahed also attended 2013 conference.

In 2010 she also described Gülen movement as « very inspiring for Muslims ».

In 2012, in a tweet, she told Bachar Al-Assad supporters that « he can not deliver stability, protection of minorities, or resistance to Israel ».

In 2014, Dalia Mogahed was invited by the french organisation CCIF (Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en France). She went to CCIF congress with Marwan Muhammad, Rokhaya Diallo, Houria Bouteldja, Nabil Ennasri, Ahmed Jaballah, and also the famous sexist imams Rachid Abou Houdeyfa and Nader Abou Anas.

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Moncef Zenati

06.06.2015 La rédaction

Moncef Zenati is a board member of the UOIF (French Union of Islamic Organisations). He is in charge od “teaching and presentation of Islam” Moncef Zenati was born in France and grew up in Tunisia. He gratuated in Mathematics and then decided to shift into Islamic curiculum at IESH of Château-Chinon . He is a teacher in Islamic law and also in charge of Islamic sciences distances studies at IESH . He has translated several major texts such as the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan Al Banna and Youssef Al Qaradawi.


Jamal Badawi

01.06.2015 La rédaction

Born in Egypt, Jamal Badawi is living in Canada.

Jamal Badawi is director of the Islamic Information Foundation in Canada. He teaches management at Saint Mary’s University (Halifax).

He has written several books and participated in many films to explain Islam to Canadians.

Jamal Badawi is a board member of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Fiqh Council of North America. This organization was put on the terrorist list in 2014 by the United Arab Emirates.

From 2001 to 2013, Jamal Badawi was one of CAIR-CAN managers.

He is also a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Yusuf Al Qaradhawi, the highest theologian of the Brotherhood on Sharia and jurisprudence (fiqh). This organization was also put on the terrorist list in 2014 by the United Arab Emirates.

Jamal Badawi says in this video he campaigned for the restoration of a caliphate without borders.

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Syed Abul Ala Mawdudi

26.05.2015 La rédaction

Syed Abul Ala Maududi was born in 1903 in Awrangabad near Hyperbarabad in India.

A precocious child, he learnt Urdu, Persian and Arabic then, later on, English. He lost his father at the age of 16 and had to provide for himself. He started a journalistic career in Delhi, and was namely editor, from 1924 to 1927, at Al-Djam’iyyat, the media outlet of Djam’iyyat-i ‘ulama’-i Hind. During that period, Maududi participted in the movement that aimed to restore the Khalifa (or Khilafa) (political and spiritual) who was abolished by Atatürk in 1924.

For Maududi the separation of Pakistan and India is an obstacle to his conception of a universal Islamic state. He finally reconciled himself to the idea of partition in the early 1940s, under one condition, that the Muslim state be strictly Islamic in order to gather strength before reconquering the world.

Maududi develops a fundamentalist thought. He distinguishes the cult, which he considers of lesser importance, since it differs according to the regions, and political Islam, which aims to conquer.

Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and programme. (…) the objective of the Islamic ‘ Jihād’ is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule. Islam does not intend to confine this revolution to a single state or a few countries; the aim of Islam is to bring about a universal revolution.

For Maududi, the Sharia has to be built first, within the borders of Pakistan then expand to the whole of the Indian sub-continent.

He is the first, since 1939 to launch campaigns against the Ahmadis. A terror movement that resulted in the law calling for the expulsion of the Ahmadis from the community of believers.

Western education aimed, according to Maududi, at corrupting Muslim moral standards.

Organised attempts to de-Islamise the people are taking place in all the Muslim countries. Education is the backbone, which has been designed to eliminate Islam from people’s lives and alienate the future generations from their Islamic legacy. At the same time, new cultural values are being spread and promoted which are naturally designed to corrupt the Islamic morals. Western thinking and disciplines are being introduced and encouraged. But all that this can achieve, is to reduce the Muslims into character-less individuals; it can never succeed in persuading the Muslims as a whole, to abandon Islam and opt for a secular state instead.

Capture decran 2015-05-26 à 16.35.50

« democracy » needs to establish itself according to the principles, goals and Islamic civilization”.

In Europe, these books were initially distributed by the Islamic Foundation of Leicester then by the publishing house Tawhid thanks to Tariq Ramadan.

Capture decran 2015-05-26 à 16.35.56

Mawdudi died in 1979, he was a fundamentalist theologian very popular and influential in Pakistan. He is the founder of Jamaat e Islami.

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Habib Ellouze

25.05.2015 La rédaction

Habib Ellouze was elected October 23, 2011 in the Constituent Assembly of Tunisia on the behalf of Ennahda.

He was born in Sfax in 1953. Working as a contractor in the 1970s, he was known for his activism in the mosques of Sfax. He is a founding member of Ennahda. He chairs the decision-making body, the Shura Council, between 1988 and 1991 and the movement itself from June to September 1991. He was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison.

At no time did Habib Ellouze regretted the practices of the Islamist party of the late 80’s Bab Souika particular case: a night guard of the ruling party headquarters burned alive by young activist of hod party. Or the acid attacks countryside.

In its articles, Martine Gozlan, Tunisia specialist said that Habib Ellouze is not anonymous in the Islamist movement. It has a large influence in the Shura Council. “When the political crisis that has divided the party, it was the hottest trend supporter of hard grouped around Rached Ghannouchi. Ellouze had no words strong enough to wilt the proposal of the former Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali who demanded a new non-political government. Jebali, for him it was a “antirevolutionary”! “

Habib Ellouze even, according to Martine Gozlan, cited to appear before a judge to have directly threatened the leader of the Popular Front Chokri Belaid, shortly before his assassination? Undaunted in the least, it reiterates its call for murder against another member of the PDU, Mongi Rahoui in January 2014 calling him “enemy of Islam”. Following these statements, Mongi Rahaoui was placed under police protection.

“I am Muslim, my mother is Muslim, my father is Muslim, my grandfather was a Muslim (…) and I do not need you to find out. Sheikh You are liars, as said Chokri Belaid martyrdom “(Mongi Rahaoui)

Following this case, the ANC in revised Article 6 on the freedom of conscience by adding an amendment which had however been rejected. By 131 votes in favor, 23 against and 28 abstentions, the ban on wearing charges of apostasy (“takfir”) is now enshrined in the Constitution. The charge of apostasy is one of the essential elements of the propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood.

On 10 March 2013, in the columns of Arabic daily “Al Maghreb” Habib Ellouze states that female circumcision is a matter of aesthetics.

 “What he is excised in addition to, but it is not true that circumcision removes the pleasure in women, it is the West that has exaggerated the issue. Excision is a cosmetic procedure for women “

Excision is not at all a Tunisian practice. His remarks triggered an outcry. Soon, we learn that Habib Ellouze was relying on theories preacher Wajdi Ghonim, an Egyptian Muslim Brother who was then living in Qatar.

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Abdelrahman Al Nuaimi

25.05.2015 La rédaction

Former history professor at DohaUniversity in Qatar, Dr. Abdelrahman Al Nuaimi helped create a number of charities, human rights organizations as well as research institutes in the Arab world.

In 1998, he is arrested by the Qatari authorities for having opposed the countries’ “liberal policies on women and alcohol”. In a letter addressed to the Shura, the consultative council and published by several newspapers he then asserted: ”This leads to an unIslamic mingling of the sexes and to women losing their proper role and turning into men”
He co-founded Al Karama in 2004.

In 2005, he launches the Global Anti-Aggression Campaign (GAAC) with 300 Muslim personalities. The stated objective of GAAC is to resist the American and Israeli “aggression” against both the Arab and Muslim worlds, and “to remind believers [the ummah] of its obligation for victory, and to raise [the ummah’s] awareness for its right of self-defense, and to combat the aggressor in a legal manner through effective tools.”2

Yussef Al Qaradhawi is a founding member of this campaign as is the Sudanese Muslim Brotherhood, the Kuwaiti Salafi movement and the president of Hamas’ political bureau, Khaled Mechaal. 3

December 18th 2013, the US Treasury designated Abdel Rahman Al Nuaimy « global terrorist” He is accused of having supported financially all of Al Qaeda, Asbat Al Ansar, Al-Qaïda Iraq and the Somali Al Shabaab. According to Algérie Patriotique, Jabhat Al Nosra is allegedly one of the organizations financed.

Among the terrorist organizations financed by Abdul Rahman Omeir Al Nuaimy ???

According to the US treasury Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimy transferred 600 000 US$, in 2013, to Al Qaeda through its representative in Syria Abdul Khaled Al Suri. He is the intermediary between Gulf donors and the organization. In 2003 and 2004, he secured the transport of propaganda material between the various Al Qaeda groups and the media in Iraq.

He also handed 250 000 US$ to two members of Shebab, Mokhtar Robow and Sheikh Hassan Aweys Ali.

In the press release of the US, administration figures the following:

“A Nu’aymi is a Qatar based terrorist financier and facilitator who has provided money and material support and conveyed communications to Al-Qa’ïda and its affiliates in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen for more than a decade. He was considered among the most prominent Qatar-based supporters of Iraqi Sunni extremists… Nu’ aymi and Humayqani are at the center of global support networks that fund and facilitate terrorism.”

In 2014, the Al Karama Foundation was put on the list of designated terrorist organizations by the United Arab Emirates. Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimy still figures in the organization chart of the Foundation as a founding member.

  1. Qatar Frees Religious Scholar – AP 08/04/ 2001
  2. Site « la Campagne Mondiale de résistance » – le message de la campagne – http://goo.gl/cG1Pq
  3. 300 personnalités islamiques ont lancé à partir du Qatar « la Campagne Mondiale de résistance » – Al Bawaba en arabe 24/20/2005 – http://goo.gl/kTcet

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Hammam Said

18.05.2015 La rédaction

Hammam Said, of Palestinian origin, lives in Jordan.

A key man of the Muslim Brotherhood, he actively supports the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas.

Hammam Said is one of the fiercest opponents of King Abdullah and criticizes him for not supporting Hamas. On several occasions, he took up the qotbist rhetoric and demanded the dismissal of leaders maintaining relations with the United States.

For the leader of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, all peace talks are nothing but heresy.

When the French law on religious signs in public schools was released, the head of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, Hammam Said, considered that it was “contrary to the principles of the human rights of which France prides itself.” For us, this decision harms Islam and all Muslims in the world” (Le Monde, 4 December 2011)

Other spelling: Hammam Saeed

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Syed Abul Ala Mawdudi

28.04.2015 La rédaction

Syed Abul Ala Mawdudi was born in 1903 in Awrangabad near Hyperbarabad, India.

As a precocious youngster, he learns Urdu, Persian, Arabic and later English. After losing his father at the age of sixteen and in order to support himself, he begins to work as a journalist in Delhi, notably as editor, from 1924 to 1927, with al-Djam’iyyat, an organ of Djam’iyyat-i ‘Ulama’-i Hind. During this period, and following the abolition of the (political and spiritual) caliphate by Atatürk in 1924, Mawdudi participates in a movement aimed at restoring it.

For Mawdudi, the separation from India precludes his conception of a universal Islamic state. He finally comes to the idea of a partition between Pakistan and India in the early 1940s, provided that the Muslim state be strictly Islamic, in order to gain some strength before reclaiming the world.

Mawdudi develops a fundamentalist thought. He makes a difference between cult, which is less important for him as it differs according to each region; and political Islam whose goal is conquest.

Islam seeks to destroy all states and governments opposing an Islamic ideology and program, wherever they are on earth. (…) The aim of Islam is to establish a state based on its own program and ideology. (…) The objective of Islamic jihad is to eliminate non-Islamic systems and replace them with an Islamic system of government. Islam does not intend to limit this revolution to a single state or few countries. The goal of Islam is to generate a universal revolution.

– Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi (1903 – 1979)
[Jihad in Islam, Beirut, The Holy Koran Publishing House, pp. 6 and 22]

Capture decran 2015-05-14 à 11.45.24

Mawdudi wants to establish the Sharia first within the borders of Pakistan, and then spread over the entire Indian sub-continent.

He is the first to launch campaigns against the Ahmadis in 1939. The resulting movement of terror culminated in the law expelling Ahmadis from the community of believers

Western education aimed at corrupting Islamic manners, according to Mawdudi:

Programs were instituted so that all Islamic values would be annihilated, so that the manners and morals of the Muslims be vitiated, so that they depart from their inherited customs.” (Islam today p.49)

Capture decran 2015-04-28 à 22.58.16

A “democracy” must be established in “accordance with the Islamic principles, aims and civilization” (Islam today p.53).

In Europe, Mawdudi works are first disseminated by the Islamic Foundation of Leicester, then by Tawhid Editions thanks to Tariq Ramadan.

Mawdudi who died in 1979 was a fundamentalist theologian and was very much followed in Pakistan. He is the founder of Jamaat e Islami.

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