Request for the Incarceration of Abdelfattah Rahhaoui, CCIF Protege

18.11.2016 Carla Parisi

Since the summer of 2016, the CCIF has launched a support campaign on social networks for Abdelfattah Rahhaoui, Toulouse imam and school principal. The CCIF and Abdelfattah Rahhaoui consider the Academic Inspectorate decision not to open his Al-Badr school in the autumn of 2016 as “Islamophobic”. More information on Abdelfattah Rahhaoui and his links with Sanabil (an association suspected of having links to terrorist organizations) is available here.


Following his refusal to comply with the Academic Inspectorate decision, the subsequent illegal opening of the class (several times since 2010), as well as acts of violence and intimidation on his students, Abdelfattah Rahhaoui appeared before the court on 17 November 2016. The subjects of complaints were as follows: “aggravated and repeated acts violence against minors under 15 years of age by a person in a position of public authority”, “unlawful opening of classes” and “refusal to comply with the notice”.

Abdelfattah Rahhaoui defended himself by claiming he was just tutoring college students and giving them customized classes. But CôtéToulouse reports the questions asked by the president of the hearing at the tribunal: how can one explain 26 hours of classes? and that the concerned students were not enrolled in any other institution? This looked more like a clandestine college, than tutoring classes in parallel with young students’ studies.

Furthermore, teachings have been recognized as “failing” by all the reports of the Academic Inspection. 5 units out of 7 core classes are not properly taught. Only Arabic and Qur’anic language appear to be delivered on a sustained basis (7 hours per week), by 6 out of 13 teachers in the institution.

Teachers, many of whom say they were neither paid nor declared, were even replaced by parents when they went on strike for two weeks. This is what actually triggered inspections by the Academy inspector, then the lodging of a complaint with the Public Prosecutor.

The testimony of a young schoolgirl in the 6th grade is particularly disturbing. During the visit of the Academy inspector, she reported having been obliged to hide with the other students from the secondary school, in order not to be seen. When she asked questions about the obligation to lie to the inspector, she was summoned by Abdelfattah Rahhaoui: “He summoned me to his office and, after shouting at me, he slapped me so strongly that I fell on the floor. The director regularly scolded us, shouted at us, favored his own children and made fun of teachers and students”.

After having been banned from school for 3 days, the schoolgirl moved to another establishment. Just like this other schoolboy, defended at the hearing by his lawyer, Me Doumenc. He reported having been a violence victim on three occasions: “AbdelFattah Rahhaoui allegedly hold him once in his arms until he became completely red, before throwing him on the chairs. Another time, when he did not go fast enough to move tables to the classroom, the director reportedly threw a piece of furniture in his direction. And finally, on another occasion during the recess, he allegedly received a basketball ball from AbdelFattah Rahhaoui at the level of his ear. The young boy reported suffering from headache, which forced him to take pain killers” (CôtéToulouse).

While Abdelfattah Rahhaoui claims to be a victim of “Islamophobia”, the prosecutor requests:

• 3 months of suspended prison sentence for acts of violence,

• 4 months of suspended prison sentence, together with a fine of € 5,000, the prohibition to engage in any education-related activity, and closure of the school group, for failure to comply with the formal notice,

• and € 3,000 for the illegal opening of the college class.

The deliberations are scheduled to be held on Thursday 15 December, at 2 pm.

This post is also available in Français and العربية.

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