COJEP Award 2013

11.12.2013 La rédaction

Each year, the Cojep, an organization formed by some Alsace-based Turks, distributes a number of awards. In 2013, the awards were distributed as follows:

  • Award of Honor: Murtaza Yetis, Turkish MP from the city of Adiyaman
  • Fight Against Racism and Discrimination Award: Tankut Taskin Soykan, OSCE / ODIHR
  • Personality Award: Anissa MEZİTİ UNICEF Ambassador
  • Political Personality Award: Senator Bariza Khiari
  • Citizenship Award: Louis Mohamed Seye National, Secretary of Egalité Citoyenne
  • Living Together Award: Virginia Martin, President of Think Tank Different
  • Civil Society Award: Marwan MUHAMMED, CCIF Spokesman
  • Human Right Award: Nils MUIZNIEKS, Human Rights Commissioner at Council of Europe
  • Art and Culture Award: Rachad Ahmed Farah, Ambassador of Djibouti

The organization, which is close to Erdogan’s AKP, does not hesitate to protest whenever certain personalities of Turkish origin support Taksim protesters:

“This attitude offends most Turkish associations in the city, which overwhelmingly support AKP and Recep Erdogan, and represent a significant part of Strasbourg voters” (Press release dated 5 June 2013)

The organization is also unhappy when politicians insist on acknowledging the Armenian genocide. And therefore rants about it: “The Socialist Party is very much influenced by the speech of the Armenian diaspora in our country.”

Capture decran 2016-04-09 à 16.44.41

COJEP officials enjoy taking selfies with their contemporary hero: Erdogan.

Capture decran 2016-04-09 à 16.16.27

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