CCIF meeting in Tremblay Mosque

04.09.2016 La rédaction

Following racist remarks about veiled women in  a restaurant, Marwan Muhammad, leader of the CCIF launched a cyber-harassment campaign and organized a meeting at Tremblay Mosque.

His speech, broadcasted live, was a call to mobilize politically.

“Nobody has the right to tell us how we should dress, how we must fund mosques (…). And for that, we must mobilize politically. (…) Being able to send 1000 letters, mail 2000, 5000 calls to a politician if we consider his behavior as problematic. It is a political action. Political action in the noble sense of the term. (…) And in the entire range of political actions that are possible, whether voting or joining associations or the fact to mobilize and gather in place, I will choose the one with which I am in agreement and adequacy in line and consistent with my vision of society, with my values, my ethics. (…) the more we will be effective and will weigh politically more complicated it will be for elected officials to mistreat us and put us to the index. “

Clearly  political, Marwan Muhammad, intervention falls under the 1905 Act.

Article 26 of Law of 9 December 1905 on the separation of Church and State is very clear.

“It is forbidden to hold political meetings on the premises normally used for the exercise of worship.”

2016-08-30 at 14.19.16 screenshot

Regarding racist, a judicial inquiry has been opened; it precisely determine the circumstances under which such statements were made and it will be for the judicial authority and of itself, to give it the appropriate action.Several steps are being taken for the holding of “a meeting in a place of worship.

This post is also available in Français and العربية.

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