Ikhwan info 1 year and 1 millions views

05.06.2016 La rédaction

We launched Ikhwan Info in June 2015. We needed  to provide a Watchdog of Political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood which is a political and fundamentalist network that thrives in Muslim countries and finds allies in the West. It managed to influence  western public opinions mainly  through its efficient  propaganda but also due to the lack of public knowledge about its double talk , its  speeches, its ramifications worldwide, its thinkers and strategists. Our goal was to overcome this gap. We reached it even better than expected.

1 million views

In late May 2016, according to  Google Analytics, 1,059,604 pages of our website were seen by 699,756 users.

Capture decran 2016-06-05 à 11.36.38

Ikhwan Info website was attacked several times, but it held. Except during the 2016 congress of UOIF (Union des Organisations Islamiques de France)  where the attack made access unavailable for 48 hours. When we publish an article on Iran, the website is inaccessible in the country for several days. Most of the attacks came from IP addresses in Turkey and Tunisia.

381 articles

Although the main language of the site is French, many articles are also published in English and Arabic.We try to ensure that each article is translated in at least two languages.We published this year: 381 articles. 287 in French. 138 in English. 91 Arabic.

The most read article in French: Le Meeting des “Ni Charlie Ni Paris” appelle à sanctionner la gauche

The most read article in English: When the Muslim Brotherhood calls officially for mass murder

The Most read article in Arabic: رجل شاب جميل جداً Translation of d’Un si beau jeune homme (about CAGE and Jihadi John)

Read almost everywhere except in North Korea

Capture decran 2016-06-05 à 10.13.58

In one year, our stories were read nearly everywhere. Some countries are still not reached : North Korea, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Greenland, Chad, Uganda, Papua New Guinea.

The most frequent visitors come from the following countries: France, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, Morocco, USA, Tunisia, Belgium, India.We published articles about 29 countries.

Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, USA, Finland, France, Great Britain, India, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, Qatar, Sudan Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen


Some investigations, such as those conducted by a former MB activist who became a contributor of Ikhwan Info , Mohamed Louizi, alerted public opinion as well as French authorities. They played a decisive role in  the decision to cancel the participation  of extremist preachers, at rallies organized by the Muslim Brotherhood in France.

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