A Protest for Palestine with Hamas and the Rabia Sign

18.10.2015 La rédaction


On 17 October 2015, a demonstration was organized in Paris, at the Place de la Republique, under the theme: “The intifada goes on, Support the Palestinian resistance.”

The demonstration was organized by Generation Palestine Paris, the Al Quds Collective and the Palestinian Youth Movement. Other associations were also invited such as: the Indigènes de la République Party or Sheikh Yassine Collective.

While some protesters came to express their sympathy and solidarity for Palestine, others used a much more offensive speech.

All over the place, were posters, banners and other stickers calling to “Boycott Israel”, together with illustrations presenting Israel as a “Nazi country”. Also present were portraits of ousted Egyptian President (and Muslim Brotherhood representative) , Mohamed Morsi, and many flags with the Rabia symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Different speakers called to “boycott Israel” and “pursue resistance in any way”, and sometimes more directly incited “to continue knife attacks” (as already stated in the press event on Facebook). Israel was described as “a Zionist and Nazi country”. The possibility of two states living side-by-side in peace was rejected by a speaker who claimed a complete victory for the Palestinians.

Several protesters were waiving the Muslim Brotherhood symbol known as the Rabia (also spelled Rabaa). This symbol appeared after the violent crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood at Rabia Al-Adawiyya on 14 August 2013.

The Sheikh Yassine Collective (YCC) was also keen on voicing its opinion, and made different means available for that purpose, including a truck, speakers, and giant portraits of Sheikh Yassin, the founder of Hamas. Their leader, Abdelkrim Sefrioui was present and did not hesitate to make a live call and talk  to a “Palestinian resistant”, whom he described as a prominent Hamas member. The latter gave instructions to the demonstrators to continue to demonstrate for Palestine, and oppose the French leadership which is “under Zionist control”, as much as is “Europe” or the “United Nations”. The Sheikh Yassin Collective did not hesitate to minimize the Holocaust, referred to the Auschwitz extermination camp in ironice terms, and designated the “Zionists” as the actual Nazis.

This was followed by a street prayer, Shahada recitation by the Cheikh Yassine Collective, some “Allah u Akbar”, and a warmly applauded call on demonstrators to become “mujahideen”. Sefrioui then sang “Zionist Fascists, Hamas resistance, Jihad resistance” with the crowd, and called to “arm the Hamas.”

For more information on the Rabia sign:

This post is also available in Français .

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