Ennahda deputies invited by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry

22.09.2015 La rédaction

Four  Ennahda deputies were invited by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry to take part in the programme “Personalities of the Future”: Hayet Omri, Sayida Ounissi, Naoufel Jammali, Imen Ben Mhamed. In addition, 10 non Ennahda deputies and elected representatives were also present.

The programme was established by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry with a view to identifying foreign contacts who could become potential partners. It was therefore a special event. For some Quai d’Orsay officials the Muslim Brotherhood remains a key partner even though there was a majority of non fundamentalist deputies.

For the Ennahda deputies this visit was an opportunity to meet with politicians who had not hesitated to support their party. Sayida Ounissi, who attended the US-Islamic World Forum from 1-3 June 2015 in Doha, Qatar, wrote on her Facebook page that both Stéphane Romatet  and Claude Bartolone “support” (our) “transition”. To their credit both Razzy Hammadi and Claude Bartolone have also criticized the fundamentalists.

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However, in July 2014, on one of Tunisia’s major websites, Sayida Ounissi vehemently insulted “The lying gangsters of Kapitalis (they have to be to write in this rag) publish the press release of the mentally deranged and victims of hallucinations who link UniT, Escot, Connect and the ATUGE to Ennahdha in their pro-election actions“. On the status of women, she speaks of “bourguibist mythology” and “benalist insrumentalisation”.

The delegation then met with Jean-Paul Delevoye, President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Annick Girardin, Secretary of State for Development and Francophonie and with Jack Lang at the Institut du Monde Arabe. Following the meeting the Ennahda deputy for France stated: “I expressed to him my idea of organizing an exhibition at the IMA on the little known works of the Bardo Museum. This would send a strong signal across the world and promote the cultural influence of a region which has been hit by violence and terrorism. He welcomed this proposition and the museum and his team are in the process of achieving the project”. 

Manuel Valls also met with the delegation, but no photo was published. The Prime Minister expressed his commitment to fight against Islamic fundamentalism and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Tunisian democrats were encouraged by the fact that Manuel Valls refused to shake hands with President Moncef Marzouki. According to Sayida Ounissi “His diplomatic adviser Stéphane Romatet publicly acknowledged Ennahdha’s role in the democratic process.”

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