Havre du Savoir

31.08.2015 Fiammetta Venner

Havre du Savoir is a website that relays the message of the Muslim Brotherhood in French. In its presentation, it explains:

“Havre du Savoir is an association which aims at presenting Islam in a comprehensive healthy and authentic way. It chose as an objective to promote its ethical and moral values as well”

Many organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood movement pretend to represent the official and “authentic” Islam, when in reality, it delivers a political message. Moncef Zenati, member of the UOIF bureau is in charge of the « teaching and the presentation of Islam » he is the author of most texts and videos in the website. The other main participants are Hassan Iquioussen and Hani Ramadan. A readers Club of the organization is held in the city of Le Havre (the word ‘havre’ in French also means haven and ‘savoir’ means knowledge). Were invited Christophe Oberlin, Nabil Ennasri and the rapper Médine for the book he wrote with Pascal Boniface.

The organization says how pleased it is about the « success » of the Turkish Islamists and declares outright that Turkey is the only country “where Islam and democracy succeeded where no other Muslim country succeeded”.

Through the Havre du Savoir, young French men and women will learn to mistrust Shiites, Zayidis, Alawites and Yazidis, and to “understand why they are not in line with the Prophet’s ways”. In other words why they are the enemy. Let us remember that in Syria, under the laws of the Islamic State (Daesh) the Yazidis are reduced to slavery and exterminated.

February 12th 2015, Havre du Savoir called on its readers to participate in the charity gala of the

Syrians & Friends Paris association. Among the participants were namely:

  • Hussein AYLOUCH president of CAIR Los Angeles who explained how to resist to the “discourse conveyed by the media after events like 9/11 or Charlie Hebdo”.
  • Abderrahman HADJOUDJE, producer of the trilogy California Muslims.
  • Mustafa NASSAR ADALIL, University AL AZHAR, who recalled the definition of leadership in Islam referring to the prophet and his companions.

Several personalities and associations were announced, namely: JMF, AAVS, UOSSM, Baraka city, Nabil Ennasri, Deen de confiance, Ahmed Jaballah, Ummawork, Umma’Nite, Deen Factor ».

Hassan El Banna is regularly quoted as an essential guide as seen in this screenshot. The organization identifies itself not only with the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood but also with Sayyid Qutb who, up until a short time ago, was denied by the Brotherhood which had a hard time presenting his justification of violence in a positive manner.


In July 2015, the organization illustrated his profile on Facebook with the Rabaa sign.

108 000 people follow the Facebook page of Havre du Savoir. 108 000 people who could read that they should beware of the French media and politicians. Moncef Zenati, in fact, declared when Mohammad Morsi was condemned to death :

« Not one word in the 8 o’clock news bulletin of France 2. France, the country where human rights were born, the country that defends democracy is not even capable of denouncing such an injustice. France with its republican values is turning its back on these values. When I think that Manuel Valls did not prevent himself from reminding the French Muslims of his phobia of the Muslim Brotherhood that he qualified as a worrying movement. The oppressed are worrying, while their executioner is received in the Elysée palace with all the honors. Revolting!

What Moncef Zenati forgets to say is :

  • Like many other Muslim Brothers leaders, he was invited by the government of Manuel Valls to speak about Islam of France.
  • Several intellectuals, journalists and militants declared their opposition to the death penalty for political reasons. Some of our editorialists did so as well, and they are not known to be gentle with the Brotherhood.

However, for Zenati to say so would imply avoiding to radicalize the readers of le Havre du Savoir, helping them to be nuanced, which is apparently not the objective of the organization.

Havre du Savoir enjoys a good reputation in France. The rapper Médine did not hesitate to declare that he fights against Islamophobia through the association Havre du Savoir.

This post is also available in  العربية and Français.

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